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The most effective bonding agent made for ICF

FASTRACK is a plaster to concrete liquid applied bonding agent specially designed to provide plaster/stucco a permanent bond to high density foam surfaces. It is also very effective on structurally sound surfaces such as concrete, masonry and gypsum board. This modified synthetic polymer emulsion is resistant to humidity and provides a chemical/physical bond between the high density foam and plaster surfaces reinforcing any mechanical bond achieved. FASTRACK dries to a thin texturized polymer film that will not harden or crack on aging. FASTRACK adhesive film creates a textured surface profile on the base that improves the plaster/Stucco initial bond, facilitates plaster/finishes applications/placement and significantly improves the adhesion of Portland cement plasters, mortars and stucco finishes on high density foam. This emulsion takes a minimum of two hours to dry before plastering and maintains its adhesive properties for a period of five (5) days. After this date it is mandatory to reapply a new coat of FASTRACK to the high density foam or concrete surface before plastering.

  • Bonds concrete to high density foam
  • Permanent adherence
  • Humidity resistant
  • Will not harden or crack on aging
  • Ready-to-use


Siber Oxydro Finishing Plasters

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