Below are complementary products* for Quad-Lock Insulated Concrete Forms and Retrofit Insulation. Most of them are available from Quad-Lock distributors. We also have a few tips on selling additional products & services.

  • Wall Alignment & Scaffolding System:
    Adjustable and reusable steel & aluminum bracing system;
    up to 15% productivity increase over lumber bracing & scaffolding.
    Available for sale in CICFS, LLC. Ask your CICFS Sales representative about this product & find where to rent this equipment in our Strategic Partners’ section.
    More info...

  • Ledger Brackets and Hangers:
    Galvanized steel ties embedded into the concrete
    for easy mounting of wood or steel ledgers, garage
    doors, cabinets, and other heavy items.

    ICF Ledger Connector System
    by Simpson Strong-Tie Co.

  • Drainage Board/Dimple Sheet:
    A durable plastic membrane to
    damp-proof basements and foundations.

    Delta®-MS Clear by Cosella Dörken;
    See installation instructions.

  • Peel & Stick Membranes:
    Adhesive membrane for
    damp-proofing & water-proofing
    of basements and foundations.
    Also effective as termite barrier.

  • Window Fasteners:
    Large Washers for screwing Quad-Lock Panels
    to internal window/door bucks.

    Also available in a stucco-friendly version.

  • Rebar Chairs:
    Plastic double rebar chairs provide a clearance of ¾" [19mm]
    between rebar and bottoms of Quad-Deck beams or lintels.

    Meet minimum concrete encasement requirements
    in most jurisdictions and applications.

  • Track Fasteners:
    Metal Anchors to attach Metal Track to
    concrete footings - ¼" x 1¼" [6mm x 31mm]

    Zamac Nail Drive Anchors from
    UCAN Fastening Products

  • Grappler:
    Metal Baker Plate with Foam Locks
    can be used behind drywall to
    attach small items, such as
    curtain rods and toilet paper holders.

  • Low-Expansion Spray Foam:
    To fill gaps and restore
    insulation at utility chases.

  • Electrical Boxes for ICFs: Plastilock




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